The idea of starting a Mudaliar Sangham, Originated with Shri. C.A. Rajarathina Mudaliar, a humble member of our community and an employee of Telegraph Department. In Pursuance of his initiative and idea, a preliminary meeting of a few Mudaliars held on Sunday, the 14th January 1929 ie., 87 years ago, under the presidentship of distinguished late Sri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar and a decision to form a Association called “Mudaliar Sangham” was reached.

The same body of members met again on 27th January 1929 under the president ship of Rajakarya Pravina Rao Bahadur Dr. T.V. Armuga Mudaliar, senior surgeon of then Mysore Sate, and head of Victoria Hospital. They formed a provisional committee of 17 members, representing the various localities of Bangalore and elected Dr. T.V. Arumuga Mudaliar himself as the President, Shri Rajamanikavelu Mudaliar as Hon. Secretary, Shri V.S. Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar as Hon. Treasurer and Shri. C.V. Rajarathina Mudaliar as Asst. Secretary. The Sangham was registered under “Indian Companies Act 1913” on 11th July 1930.

 Silver Jubilee Years: 1929-1954

Dr. T.V. Arumua Mudaliar, However relinquished his office in August 1929 on account of advancing years, and since then Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar held the office as president continuously for 25 years till his death.

Shri. V Chinnaswamy Mudaliar was a very prominent personality of the the Bangalore cantonment, and a leading excise and building contractor who constructed Russel Market, Vani Villas Hospital, Oriental Life Insurance Building, State Bank of Mysore etc. He is also responsible for starting the scholarship endowment by gifting the house at St. John’s cross Road, in memory of his wife Smt. Rukmani Ammal and the rental received to be used for scholarship to students. The Golden Jubilee Project of Mudaliar Sangham. The Rukmini Ammal Widow relief Endowment was also created by Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar with a donation of Rs. 25,000/- in the year 1943-44 a huge amount in those years. The Sangham at present is distributing nearly Rs. 7-00 Lakhs per year to more than 200 widows.

The Sangham from the very beginning and for more than Twenty four years was conducting its meetings and functions in R.B.A.N.M.S High School Hall by the grace and good will of R.B.A.M.’S educational charities.

The Sangham started enrolling members and started collecting subscriptions from the members for the sole purpose of giving scholarship to the needy students. About 30 students in the year 1929-30 were awarded scholarship amounting to Rs. 120 Annually. The Sangham because of the efforts of earlier Presidents, Directors & Members has grown leaps and bounds and at present we are distributing about Rs. 6.5 Lakhs per year to nearly 350 Students as Scholarship

The Sangham started growing with the efforts of Shri. V. Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar, Sri. A.K. Kumaraguru Mudaliar, Sri. A.P. Ramunaja Mudaliar, Sri. A.V. Govindaraja Mudaliar Dr. A.K. Pani and other promoters, who put their heart and soul in developing the membership of the Sangham in the initial years.

The Sangham started to built it own building at the site measuring 100’X160’ on Osborne Road, Donated by Shri. V.S. Sundaraja Mudaliar and his son Shri. V.S. Loganatha Mudaliar. The original oval shape stone building was designed by Shri. B.R. Manicka Mudaliar, Chief Architect and Town planning officer of the Government of Mysore and built under his supervision,. and with the Liberal donation by Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar and donations from other members of the community.

The building was declared open on 23/04/1953 by Dr. Sri. A. Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliar the famous surgeon and Vice Chancellor of Madras University. Two more wings were added to the original building in the next Year 1954-55

The Right wing was built by the donations received from Shri. S.L.Natesa Mudaliar, who succeeded Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar as President of the Sangham after the latter’s death. The left wing by Shri. S.V. Krishnamurthy in memory of his father Shri. S.L. Vinayaga Mudaliar.

The Sangham was also fortunate in having few philanthropists from our community, who donated liberally and gifted properties and started scholarship endowments and widow relief endowments, like Shri T.K. Swamy Mudaliar Who gifted his house known as kaniapa Bhavan and later the same property was sold for Rs. 45000/- and amount invested in scholarship endowment ,Shri. A.R. Kumaraguru Mudaliar and Smt. Devakki Ammal donated for the scholarship endowment Shri. A.V. Thiruvengada Mudaliar, bequeathed the property near H.A.L. to the Sangham, after prolonged litigation Rs. 70,000/- was converted for scholarship endowment and the rest Rs. 90,000/- was utilized to build the AVT block at the rear of the Sangham comprising of kitchen, stores, guest rooms in the 1st Floor.

 Golden Jubilee Years: 1954 – 1979

In subsequent years the Sangham was fortunate in having leaders of High calibre like Rao Bahadur C. Kuppuswamy Mudaliar who was the president from 1955 to 1961, Succeeded by Justice. T. Singaravelu Mudaliar & Shri. B.R. Manicka Mudalir. On the untimely death of Shri. B.R. Manicka Mudaliar, Dr. V.G. Ranganatha Mudaliar held the President post for eleven years from 1964 to 1975. The marriage hall in the front portion was constructed in the Year 1974 by the efforts and contributions from Dr. V.G. Ranganatha Mudaliar and others. The hall was opened by Dr. B.M. Sundaravadanan. The income of the Sangham started improving after the construction of the marriage Hall and the amount received was used for additional scholarship & widow relief. During the next year 1974-75 Smt. Shardammal donated the Ranganatha Mudaliar building at V.V. Puram Bangalore. The building was sold during the year 2001-2002 for Rs. 33 Lakhs and the amount credited to scholarship endowment fund as per the will of the donors.

Shri. A.B. Ramanand Chief engineer succeeded Dr. V.G. Ranganatha Mudaliar in the year 1976 and held the post continuously till 1985. The Hospital society was started during his period, at the instance of Dr. T.S. Jairam. The Clinic was shifted to Smt. Rukmani Ammal Building and renamed as Dhanvanthri Hospital Society and started functioning during this period as the Godlen Jubilee Project of the Sangham.

The Golden Jubilee of the Sangham was held on 20th January 1980 along with the All India Association of Tuluva Vellala (Mudaliar) Sangham’s First Conference Dr. B.R. Sundaravadanan presided over the function.

 Diamond Jubilee Years: 1979-1989

Shri. A.B. Ramanand continued till the year 1987 and Shri. V.C. Ramachandran succeeded and was president till 1990. A new conference hall was built as the Diamond Jubilee Hall and opened by Shri. A.L.A. Mudaliar in the year 1989. The Hall is being used For the important committee meetings & functions.

 Platinum Jubilee Years: 1989-2004

For the last fifteen years the Sangham has grown in stature and the activities of the Sangham has grown and multiplied. The credit goes to the past presidents, office bearers and the directors who have contributed substantially to the upliftment of the Sangham.

Many facilities like 30 K.V.A. generator, Kalyana Mantapam renovation, addition of new rooms, and furniture, front elevation and the facade improvement, fiber glass canopy for additional dining place, computer commissioning for administrative work and marriage information with website etc. Were taken up for the improvement of Kalyana Mantapam.

The Sangham in order to commemorate the platinum Jubilee year 2004, has already built the front imposing portico, Platinum Jubilee Hall measuring 1400 Sqft over the Diamond Jubilee Hall and New dining hall to meet the additional space for dining.

In conclusion, the Sangham during the last 87 Years with the vision and efforts of the our forefathers Illustrious past presidents and directors has reached a comfortable position in running the Kalyana mantapam in a profitable manner and having sufficient endowment funds, for the charitable activities like awarding scholarships to 350 students, widow relief to 200 widows and Medicare to the needy.

Mudaliar Sangham Academy of Sports and Culture (MASAC) 12000 Sq ft building with five furnished guest rooms, 200 members party hall, fully equipped kitchen, first floor, interior decoration, Bar/Card, Room, 2nd Floor Completely equipped sports activities 2 Shuttle courts / GYM/ Table Tennis Table/ 2 Nos. Billiards & Snooker tables, also provision for Massage / Steam / Jacuzzi will be done in the near future.

 Centenary Years

It is our earnest hope that the Sangham in future, with the efforts of the future management committees grows to its full glory in the coming years with modern multi-storey building and kalyana Mantapam, conference and recreation halls, expanding present charitable activities like old age home, hostels for the needy students, care of disabled persons, formation of youth clubs etc.
The total Members in Mudaliar Sangham as on date is 2623 Members

God Bless Mudaliar Sangham


Our Association is efficiently managed and controlled by the following office Bearers and Directors duly elected by the General Body once in three years. Regular management committee meetings are held in various places, along with Annual Conferences, Functions and AGM for efficient administration.

The Mudaliar Sangham Managing Committee 2017-2018

President – Dr. (Miss) V.A. Subadra
Vice President – Sri. S. Gopalakrishnan
Secretary – Sri. S Lakshman
Joint Secretary – Sri. A.G. Hari Krishnan
Treasure – Sri. J. Mohan Raj


Building Maintenance – Sri. Ramesh & Sri. J. Mohan raj
Finance & Bank – Sri.M.Kosalram
Fellowship/Youth /Cultural/ – Sri. Gopal Mani / Sri. Shiivakumar
Advertisement & Picnic – B. Ramesh
News Letter / Matrimonial – Sri.R.Ashok / Smt.V.Durga Devi
Widow Relief & Medicare – Sri. B. Rajendra Babu / Sri. V.P. Umamageswaran
Membership & Employment – Sri. D.S. Keshava Babu
Legal/Minutes – Sri. A.G. Hari Krishnan
Scholarship – Sri. A. Dorairajan / Sri. A.P.Vijayasarathy
MASAC Representative – Sri. A.G. Harikrishnan / Sri. M. Kosalram


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